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Get SentryKit Alerts in Slack
Get SentryKit Alerts in Slack

Getting started with SentryKit and Slack

Written by Kelvin
Updated over a week ago


Slack has an easy way to get notified in any channel by using their channel provided email address that posts incoming emails in that channel.

In this article we are going to leverage this Slack Integration.

To understand this article better, please start by reading our Notification Emails & Additional Email Addresses article which provides in depth steps of how to add notification email address in SentryKit if you are not aware of how to do this.

All the steps after obtaining the Slack channel incoming email will be the same as in the article.

Get Slack Channel Incoming Email Address.

  • Open the slack channel you want to receive the alerts in.

  • Click on the channel name.

  • On the opened window, click on the Integrations tab.

  • At the bottom click Send emails to this channel.

  • A popup will appear with the slack channel incoming email, if it was not created before, you will prompted to do so and the email address will be instantly available.

You should be now all set.

Note: Remember to verify the email address with the email that will be sent in the channel. You won't receive notification alerts without verifying the email.

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