Notification Email Addresses.

SentryKit supports unlimited notification email addresses for you and your teams, allowing each of you to get notified with your own email.

You can add an additional email address from your Account Settings, click "Add New Email Channel" below your email address.

Please note that these additional email addresses can not be used for log-in.

Notification Email Settings.

Each notification email address can be configured independently of what email alerts to receive.

To configure alert subscription, click "Manage Alerts" next to the email and check the alerts to receive and their threshold.

Subscribe to Product Updates

To get messages from us regarding new core features in SentryKit, you can check "Subscribe to Products Updates". This is enabled by default in the main account.

Notification Email When a New Product Is Added.

‚ÄčAt the moment these are only sent to the main account holder address.

We are working to have this available for additional notification email addresses too.

Instant & Batched Alerts.

You can also configure SentryKit to send alerts instantly or batch them and send them in the configured intervals.

By default, SentryKit is configured to send the alerts instantly.

Note: This setting applies to all notification email addresses in the system

Not Getting Email Alerts?

SentryKit will always notify you of any issues detected based on your configuration. If you are not receiving alerts, they are likely sitting in your spam box.

It is a good idea to white-list * as a trusted email sender.

Get SentryKit Alerts in Slack.

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