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Amazon Reports Notifications.

Troubleshoot Amazon notifications generated by SentryKit

Written by Kelvin
Updated over a week ago


Once you sign up for SentyKit and connect you Amazon Seller account, you will get frequent email notifications from Amazon notifying you that the listings report(s) you have requested are ready to be viewed.

This is completely normal as the reports are generated by SentryKit and are needed to show you the data in your dashboard.

It might be annoying to keep getting these auto generated reports so here is how to turn mute them from your Amazon Seller account.


  1. Login to Seller Central.

  2. Click Settings (top right of the screen).

  3. Click on Notification Preferences.

  4. Scroll down to the Reports section and click on the Edit button.

  5. Un-tick the Open Listings Report or Active Listings Report.

  6. Click on Save.

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