Getting Started with Zapier

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How do I SentryKit to Zapier?

  1. Log in to your SentryKit account and open Email & Account settings.

  2. Click on Connect Zapier button on Manage Alerts Channel Section. You will be directed to Zapier SentryKit page.

  3. From the search bar, search your prefered SMS gateway and select it.

  4. Select the SentryKit account to use and finish the authentication process and click continue.

  5. Customize your Alert settings as required and click continue

  6. Click test the trigger to make sure the alerts data is pulled correctly and click continue if the test data is populated. By now you should be at the SMS gateway setup.

  7. Based on your SMS gateway the next 1-3 steps might be different.

    • In most cases your first step will be to authenticate with the gateway.

    • Select send SMS action.

    • Enter the phone number.

    • Customize the message based on the available alert data.

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