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SentryKit Sales Reports
SentryKit Sales Reports

What reports are available and how to get them.

Written by Kelvin
Updated over a week ago

SentryKit has several sales reports that you can download as a Spreadsheet.

Note: The sales reports can not be downloaded directly, they are sent in the verified emails you select.

  • Interactive Sales Data - Sales data with filters - great for looking up things. (Search “excel pivot tables” to make this even more useful.)

  • Sales Data Source - All your sales data, unfiltered, you can crunch it the way you like.

  • Promo Code Details - Lookup who used what promo code and when – with built-in filters for easy sorting.

  • Sales data, broken down by each product (group)

You can download the sales report by opening any ASINs main page and clicking on the graph next to Sales Volume.

You can also include all the products in the report or just one.

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