Getting Started

When you connect your Seller Central account for the first time, SentryKit will pull the ASINs in your seller account and they will be available for tracking in the Product Tracking Settings.

All the ASINs are initially untracked, and as we pull in the order data, SentryKit starts tracking the ones that had sales automatically and they will now appear in the dashboard.

This is the default behaviour that you can turn off using the Checkbox at the bottom of the product tracking settings if you want to manually control which product to track.

Remove/Add a product from tracking.

You can change what products you track and what products you ignore in your SentryKit Settings at any time, and the changes are reflected on your dashboard immediately. You can also ignore a product from tracking till the next order is received.

In the product tracking settings, you can also add a Short-Hand name for your products. This will be used to display your products on SentryKit and in all emails.

Note: All ASINs (parent, children) are separate items within the product tracking settings.

Bulk edit your product settings in a spreadsheet

If you are tracking a large number of ASINs or just want to edit your product settings in bulk, we provide a spreadsheet that you can export, edit then import back to SentryKit.

  • When you export the spreadsheet, you can ONLY edit columns E (Track (YES/NO) and/or F (Short Name).

  • Don't remove write protection on the spreadsheet.

  • Don't change the sheet name.

  • Don't change the structure of the spreadsheet.

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