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  • How does the pricing work?
    - SentryKit has a Pay-What-You-Use pricing model. Your monthly fee is based on how many ASINs you track. After connecting your Seller Account SentryKit will add all ASINs to your dashboard that have had at least one sale recently.
    - You can change what you track in your Product Settings at any time - your monthly fee will be recalculated automatically.
    (Also here: setting to add new ASINs to the dashboard automatically. Default is yes.)
    - You can see your current montly fee in your Account Settings, next to your Stripe details.

  • Can I add more Seller Accounts? (How about EU accounts?)

    Yes, as many as you want to! ==> Account Settings. American and EU/UK marketplaces are all supported.

  • My question is not listed here...

    Send us a quick note in the chat widget. We read and respond to every message.

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