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Help, sooo many e-mails, what to do?!

- To change your alert subscriptions: Account Settings -> E-mail -> Manage
- Mute a specific Alert for a Specific ASIN: Select the "Issues" tab on your dashboard. Hover over a product then click the "Mute..." dropdown button.
- Rewise what ASINs you would like SentryKit to track in your Product Settings.

How can I add a notification e-mail address for a team member?

Head to your Account Settings, click "Add New" below your email address. Click "Manage" next to the newly added address to subscribe to alerts and notifications.
- ! - Please note that these additional email addresses can not be used for log-in.

Notification for every review not just the critical ones, is that available?

Yes! Account Settings -> E-mail -> Manage -> tick the "Notice" checkbox in the first row, then save your settings on the bottom of the screen. All set!

I'm getting a lot of image change alerts lately, but I didn't change anything.

Amazon recently started swapping between product images. This is usually temporary but the change appears on the Amazon API thus triggering an image change alert in SentryKit. We are looking into ways to filter these more effectively.
- Mute frequently occuring image change alerts right from the alert email:
Look for the link reading "*NEW* Don't notify me when the same image change occurs again"

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