SentryKit offers a Google Sheets connector that will let you connect your account with a Google Spreadsheet.

If you connect a Google account in your SentryKit Settings, the system will put all the information on your dashboard into a self updating Google Sheets on your account. Which you can share with your VA and team members. This is also an easy way to change/revoke access as needed. You can add your custom formulas on top of it as well.

How do I connect SentryKit to Google Sheets?

  1. Login to your SentryKit account and go to Email & Account Settings (from the top right corner menu)

  2. Go to (Manage Alert Channels - Google Sheets section) and click Connect Google Sheets button. A Google authorization page will be opened.

  3. Select the Google account you want to use if already signed into Google or you will be prompted to log in.

  4. Proceed and authorize the requested permissions so that SentryKit is able to create a Google Sheet in your account.

  5. You should now see that the status of your Google Sheet connection is pending, wait for a couple of minutes until the status changes to connected and you will find a Google Sheet with the name SentryKit sheets in your Google Drive account.

  6. The Google Sheet will be auto-updated with all the information in your dashboard in real time.

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