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How to reconnect Google Sheet in SentryKit
How to reconnect Google Sheet in SentryKit

Having a problem with your Google Sheet connection?

Written by Kelvin
Updated over a week ago

Got an Email that SentryKit is having trouble connecting to your Google sheet or your Google sheet isn't updating anymore? or saw this error on your settings page.

No worries, this is a common Google problem and there are many possible reasons for this error, even a Gmail password reset can cause this error.

Here are 4 quick steps to fix this error.

  1. Login to your SentryKit account and go to Email & Account Settings (from the top right corner menu)

  2. Go to (System-wide settings - Connected Apps section) and click Revoke authorization next to Google Sheets app

  3. Go to (Manage Alert Channels - Google Sheets section) and click Google Settings. On the Google page that is opened, find SentryKit and click Remove Access.

  4. Reload SentryKit settings page and Connect Google account again

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